Gotion High-Tech Energy Storage Products and Energy Storage Lab Obtain CSA Certification

2021-10-29 00:00:00 Gotion Viewd 1830

On October 29, a certificate awarding and inauguration ceremony for the products of Gotion High-Tech was held by CSA (Canadian Standards Association) Group at our headquarters. The 27Ah and 100Ah energy storage batteries with lithium iron phosphate technology received ANSI/CAN/UL 1973 certification and passed the fourth edition of UL 9540A testing and inspection. Meanwhile, the energy storage laboratory of Gotion High-Tech was qualified as a CSA Authorized Testing Laboratory for the Witnessed Manufacturer's Testing for Certification (WMTC) Program.

Ge Yanqing, Regional Vice President of CSA Group (fifth from the left) and Xu Xingwu, Executive Vice President of Gotion High-Tech General Institute of Engineering (fifth from the right), jointly unveiled the authorized laboratory


The safety concerns of energy storage systems remain a focus in the industry while relevant laws and regulations are also being improved. As a test method launched by UL for evaluating the fire safety hazards associated with propagating thermal runaway in battery energy storage systems, UL 9540A certification is required in various standards, such as the NFPA855 issued by National Fire Protection Association. The UL 9540A test method is widely recognized in North America and generally accepted around the world.

The UL 9540A and CSA certificates indicate that the energy storage products of Gotion High-Tech (cells, battery boxes, battery clusters and battery management systems) meet international safety standards and allow the technology embedded in these products to come out in front in the industry.

The battery energy storage laboratory of Gotion High-Tech also received WMTC from CSA Group at the ceremony. Representatives from both sides witnessed the unveiling ceremony on site. As one of the most efficient localized services provided for Chinese customers by CSA Group, WMTC will only be given to laboratories meeting the requirements of ANSI/CAN/UL 1973. Products from these laboratories will obtain the CSA certification marks as essential labels to access North American market.


Ge Yanqing, Regional Vice President and General Manager of CSA (China), Liu Bangjian, Director of Industrial and New Energy Sector of CSA (China), Wu Wei, Commercial Director of Industrial Products of CSA (Asia Pacific), Xu Xingwu, Executive Vice President of Gotion High-Tech General Institute of Engineering, Zhang Hongli, Vice President of Gotion High-Tech General Institute of Engineering, Zhang Wei, Vice President of Hefei Gotion, Zhang Zheng, President of Verification Engineering Institute, and Wu Chunsheng, President of Energy Storage Engineering Institute witnessed the inauguration ceremony on site.

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