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Product Advantages

  • Lightweight design
    Lightweight design

    The box adopts die- casting aluminium integral moulding scheme with reliable structure, high stability and beautiful appearance.

  • High safety
    High safety

    Using the LFP cell, which is safer performance, longer life, more cost-effective, supporting the battery management system has a useful battery protection function. 

  • Wide temperature range
    Wide temperature range

    Adopt natural cooling and heating film technology, with heating function, operating in -30 degrees environment.

  • High energy density
    High energy density

    The power system is higher. The battery system's energy density is over 135 Wh/kg; the whole vehicle exceeds 300km, which solves the mileage anxiety. 

  • Liquid-cool ing system
    Liquid-cool ing system

    Suppose the system adopts the liquid cooling scheme. In that case, it can effectively improve the system's heat dissipation performance with a considerable rate of charge and discharge and enhance the battery life cycle.