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Product Advantages

  • High energy density
    High energy density

    It is composed of high-capacity lithium iron phosphate cells, with an industry-leading system energy density.

  • Lightweight design
    Lightweight design

    A lightweight system design was adopted to the power battery pack to improve performance and cut down the overall weight of the vehicle.

  • High safety
    High safety

    It adopts lithium iron phosphate cells, featuring safer performance, longer service life, and higher cost-efficiency. The supporting battery management system has a strong battery protection function.

  • Liquid cooling constant temperature technology
    Liquid cooling constant temperature technology

    The vehicle employs the latest liquid cooling constant temperature technology. When there is a rapid temperature rise in the battery, the temperature difference in the system will still be small, which ensures that the battery can operate within the most suitable temperature range and guarantees the durability of the whole pack.

  • Wide operating temperature range
    Wide operating temperature range

    It can operate normally in temperatures between -30~55°C. It can automatically start the heating function to adapt to different ambient temperature ranges. 

  • Optimized BMS management performance
    Optimized BMS management performance

    It employs the BMS R&D achievements from Silicon Valley in the U.S. Both the hardware and software systems have been optimized and upgraded to the fourth-generation technology, with excellent performance in charging management, heating control, and remote monitoring.