Creating a Better Future Together—Gotion High-Tech Attends China-ASEAN Expo for the First Time

2021-09-17 00:00:00 Gotion Viewd 1674

From September 10 to 13, the 18th China-ASEAN Expo was held in Nanning, Guangxi Province. Enterprises from more than 40 countries and regions participated in the expo. As an invited exhibitor, Gotion High-Tech made a stunning debut in the advanced technology exhibition area and demonstrated Chinese technologies and quality brands to the world.

Gotion Exhibition Area

The year 2021 marked the 30th anniversary of the China-ASEAN partnership. Therefore, to commemorate this occasion, the China-ASEAN Expo was held under the theme of "Sharing the New International Land-Sea Trade Corridor, Jointly Building the China-ASEAN Community with a Shared Future". On the first day of the expo, the main exhibition hall was bustling with visitors, many of whom were attracted to the clean and fashionable booth of Gotion High-Tech.

At the expo, Gotion High-Tech exhibited a full series of electric cells, 590 standard modules and battery systems for passenger vehicles. Among all the exhibits displayed by Gotion High-Tech, the lithium iron phosphate cell is the world-leading product from us, which could reach an energy density of 210Wh/kg per cell. In addition, the ternary soft pack cell, with a system energy density of more than 200Wh/kg and over 1500 weeks of cycle times, passed the intermediate investigation of the Ministry of Science and Technology of the People's Republic of China. This product is expected to be used in high-end new energy models from Volkswagen and Audi in the future. The products on display gave a full demonstration of the competitive products and R&D capability of Gotion High-Tech in the field of power batteries. Meanwhile, many merchants also showed great interest in our products.

More than 20 leaders and representatives, including Qiu Minghong, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Liuzhou Municipal Committee and He Wenlin, Vice Mayor of Liuzhou City visited the Gotion High-Tech's exhibition area. They learned about the products, technologies and advantages of Gotion High-Tech, as well as the specific production situation of Liuzhou Gotion. Deputy Secretary Qiu praised the customized power battery packs for the Wuling Hongguang Mini EV and commended the battery products exhibited. He also expressed the hope that our products can be applied in the products of more auto manufacturers in Liuzhou and Guangxi in the future.


Qiu Minghong, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Liuzhou Municipal Committee and other representatives visited the Gotion exhibition area

In 2019, Gotion High-Tech put a lot of effort into cooperation and communication with Liuzhou City. After hundreds of days of operation and preparation, Gotion High-Tech was ready to seize the new opportunities. In 2020, Liuzhou Gotion Battery Co., Ltd. was established as a production base with an expected annual output of 10GWh of power batteries. The main business of Liuzhou Gotion is providing power battery systems for relevant models from manufacturers such as SGMW. The cooperation between Liuzhou and Gotion High-Tech is currently expanding.

As reflected in the recent trend, the development of new energy vehicles in China has been quite prosperous. Gotion High-Tech is ready to grab the opportunity to promote in-depth optimization in industrial layout. In addition to the upgrading of the industry chain, we will gradually shift to building a green energy ecosystem and creating an industrial ecological closed-loop, thus solving major problems and facilitating the development of new energy vehicles. Gotion High-Tech will cooperate with our partners and build a win-win future in the industry through industry chain optimization and industry integration.

Aerial view of Liuzhou Gotion Base