Gotion High-tech's first-quarter revenue exceeded 3.9 billion yuan,with a year-on-year growth of 203.14%.

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● Implement ESG Report strategy, and create a full life cycle green Gotion synchronously

● Gotion High-tech's first-quarter revenue exceeded 3.9 billion yuan


Recently, Gotion High-tech released 2021 annual financial report , 2022 first quarter financial report and Gotion High-Tech 2021 ESG Report. Earnings reports show that in 2021, the company's revenue exceeded 10 billion yuan for the first time, reaching 10.356 billion yuan, an increase of 54.01% compared with 2020. Net operating cash flow was 1.058 billion yuan, up 54.49% year-on-year. In the first quarter of 2022, despite the influence of various external factors, the company's revenue still reached 3.916 billion yuan, with a year-on-year growth of 203.14%.At the same time, the company has achieved significant breakthroughs in revenue, and its r&d and innovation capabilities have also been continuously improved.ESG report shows that the company has implemented low-carbon development through green office, solar photovoltaic, equipment transformation and other measures, and has donated a total of 12.08 million yuan to fulfill its corporate social responsibility.


According to the report, the revenue of Gotion High-tech in 2021 reached 10.356 billion yuan, an increase of 54.01% compared with that in 2020; Net operating cash flow of 1.058 billion yuan, up 54.49% year on year; The total assets of the company increased 56.69% year-on-year to 43.613 billion yuan; Net assets belonging to mothers rose 72.18% year on year to 18.778 billion yuan. In the first quarter of 2022, despite the influence of various external factors, the company's revenue still reached 3.916 billion yuan, with a year-on-year growth of 203.14%.


Performance improvement is mainly due to the rising production and sales of Gotion batteries, continuous optimization of customer structure, widely recognized by the market. According to the report, the company's 2021 battery output reached 461,799 million amph, up 106.54% year on year. According to the plan, the annual production capacity of 2025 will exceed 300GWh.


R&d of revenue than by more than 10% for three consecutive years


As a technology innovation enterprise, Gotion High-tech r&d investment continues to grow. In 2021, r&d investment reached 1.167 billion yuan, up 67.7 percent year on year, accounting for more than 10 percent of the revenue for three consecutive years. The size of the R&D team continues to grow. By the end of 2021, the number of R&D personnel reached 1,918, an increase of 41.76% year-on-year, with master and doctoral degrees accounting for 70%.


Company and adhere to the focus of the core technology also has obtained the good effect. For example: 210Wh/Kg lithium iron phosphate cell mass production, 302Wh/Kg triple cell mass production loading, 230Wh/Kg lithium iron phosphate cell design finalize, 360Wh/Kg high-energy ratio semi-solid battery through the new NATIONAL standard safety test, obtained the public accreditation laboratory qualification audit; The iron lithium battery has been certified by China Classification Society CCS and RINA, etc. Flexible mode of group technology, liquid-cooled lightweight technology such as integration of body, three yuan, and square lithium iron batteries protection technology, functional safety certification system thermal runaway BMS product technology has been applied to imported large-scale market, consolidate and expand the influence of the industry.


Company adhere to independent innovation. By the end of March 2022, Gotion High-tech has applied for 5,439 patents, including 2,492 invention patents (including 147 foreign patents). Total 3528 authorized patents, including 857 invention patents authorization (including 67 overseas authorized invention patent). Accumulative total 255 research papers published articles, SCI article 23, core journals, 147, 109 software copyright registration, intellectual property rights covering the whole life cycle of a lithium-ion battery.

Double the share of overseas revenue


The porch high-tech in recent years, overseas business keep high speed development situation. Report shows that 2021 overseas revenue growth of 232.58%, up to 528 million yuan, which as a percentage of total revenue reached 5.1%, doubling again from the previous year.

In recent years, the company's internationalization process has been accelerating. Now has entered the Bosch global supply chain system, and tata motors in India to set up joint venture company to jointly develop the lithium battery market in India.

In 2021, Gotion High-tech will continue to expand its overseas market. It has signed strategic cooperation with Volkswagen, Jinko and other high-quality enterprises, cooperated with Vietnam Vinfast to explore the Southeast Asian market, and signed 200GWh strategic cooperation with a listed automobile company in the United States to provide supporting iron phosphate lithium battery.

In addition, the report also revealed. Company has launched overseas production base layout, plan in Europe, North America, Asia and other overseas markets increased power battery capacity construction and supporting industry, building a new generation of power battery production line, thus forming the integration of international research supply supporting system. Both domestic and international growth engines will be realized in the future.


Create a full life cycle green Gotion synchronously


During the reporting period, the company actively responds to the global carbon neutrality goal, firmly practices the mission of " to make green energy accessible and sustainable", adheres to the green leadership, low-carbon development, continues to invest in energy conservation and environmental protection, promotes high-quality development and ecological environmental protection, and creates a green Gotion in the whole life cycle.

Gotion High-Tech has established a whole industry chain layout from "material end-battery end-customer end-recycling end", and achieved recycling and utilization from resource development to energy storage and finally to energy recovery. The lithium ore raw material base in Yichun, the zero-carbon anode plant in Inner Mongolia, and the battery recycling projects in Feidong and Lujiang are the measures taken by Gotion to develop green and low-carbon industries. In addition, by advocating green office, solar photovoltaic projects, lean improvement projects, equipment upgrading and renovation in daily production, operating and management, the annual energy consumption rate is decreased by 23%. In the battery manufacturing process, pollution-free green manufacturing and component optimization design are adopted to reduce packaging costs in module and battery pack stages, and the annual carbon dioxide emissions are reduced by 27,869 tons in total.


In addition to creating the commercial value, Gotion High-tech also regards actively undertaking the social responsibility as an important part of the virtuous circle of operation and management. In 2021, Gotion has donated a total of 12.08 million yuan through flood fighting, education charity and public welfare donation.