SGS Issues UL 9540 Certification to Gotion High-Tech's 2.7MWh Energy Storage System

2022-01-14 10:39:38 Gotion Viewd 2134

On January 14, 2022, Gotion High-Tech's 2.7MWh energy storage system received UL 9540 certification from SGS at the Gotion Base in Nantong. The UL 9540 certificate not only proves that Gotion's energy storage system meets the highest global standards in terms of safety and quality but also provides reliable technical support for the safe and long-term operation of the company in the North American market.

SGS is an internationally recognized testing, inspection and certification company. The 2.7MWh energy storage system has undergone comprehensive technical inspection and strict testing from SGS. This includes close inspection of the system design, electrical products safety, battery safety, grid connection functions, environmental adaptability, functional safety and a complete technical assessment for system and production process quality control.

High Standards to Ensure Product Safety

As an important technology and fundamental tool to support the development of the new power system, energy storage is of great significance to promote green energy transition, ensure energy security, and achieve carbon peak and neutrality. The safety of energy storage systems has long been a common concern in the industry, and the relevant standards have been improved continuously. North America, as one of the most important markets for energy storage globally, has extremely strict quality and safety regulations for energy storage systems.

In 2015, UL 9540, the world's first safety standard for energy storage systems, was authorized as a national standard in the US and has since become widely recognized by its fire and construction authorities. In 2016, it was authorized as a national standard in Canada. Various standards such as the National Electrical Code, International Fire Code (IFC), International Building Code (IBC), International Residential Code (IRC) and the NFPA855 issued by the National Fire Protection Association in 2019 all require energy storage systems to be UL 9540 certified. As one of the most authoritative safety standards, UL 9540 enjoys high recognition in both North American and the global market. This standard poses great challenges to the research and development of enterprise products and also requires high-level professional technology and services of the third-party certification organization. This has made the certificate difficult to obtain.

Cooperating to Provide Excellent Products and Services

As a high-tech enterprise focusing on the R&D and innovation of battery technology, Gotion Hi-Tech focuses on innovation and strives to provide high-quality products with excellent performance. Receiving UL 9540 certification fully reflects our innovation strength and further proves that our energy storage system can win high recognition in the North American market.

SGS, the certificate awarding company, is an internationally renowned third-party testing and certification organization with years of experience in testing, inspection and certification in new energy industries. In recent years, it has made great progress in certification for energy storage to provide more efficient services to enterprises. During the testing and inspection process, the professional technical teams from SGS have worked closely with Gotion Hi-Tech. SGS has made most of its quality localized high-quality services and network of overseas specialists to conduct a comprehensive assessment of Gotion High-Tech's energy storage system. In the future, we will continue our close cooperation to provide better services and safer products with higher quality to the global market.