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Talent & Platform

Talent advantage 

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Scientific research platform

Materials Science

In terms of materials science, the company has established a material research institute focusing on R&D, performance improvement, and compatibility studies of new products, such as key anode and cathode materials used in batteries and electrolyte diaphragms. The institute also works toward developing new chemical systems and promotes the timely and effective application verification and mass production of materials R&D results based on the materials pilot test platform and the cell pilot test platform. 

Battery Technology

In terms of battery technology, the battery research institute has rich experience in developing and mass-producing more than 10 types of aluminum shell cells, mastering advanced technologies such as high specific energy, quick charge, high power, long service life, and low-temperature resistance. It has great ability and experience in resource development for the whole process, including basic R&D, chemical system development, cell structure development, cell design and development, customer connection, security risk analysis, and simulation analysis, ensuring the quantity and quality of the linked output of the cells, from meterials to the complete unit.

Innovation and Industrial Application

In terms of product innovation and industrial application, the product engineering institute takes system demand management and integration as its top priority and the structural, electrical, simulation, thermal management parts, and performance development as its core to create a complete battery system technology development platform and develop and reserve a "high-performance and low-cost battery system and intelligent big data cloud platform". It can efficiently cater to the customers' performance and cost demands by integrating cell, process, manufacturing, supply chain, cost management, testing, verification, and quality to carry out system product innovation and industrial application to create profits. Besides, it can conduct deep analysis and generate models by churning data of the battery system to support after-sales service and realize closed-loop development.