Household Energy Storage System

  • Advanced lithium iron phosphate battery and product manufacturing technology 

  • Modular design, support for extended applications 

  • Easy to carry, integration, using with floor stand or wall hanging 

  • Intelligent management, unattended operation 

  • Certification: UL1973、UL9540A、IEC62619、JIS C8715,etc.


  • Application

    Household energy storage system can be widely used in ordinary families,small business districts, offices, uninterrupted power supply field, peaking and valley price difference areas and other application scenarios. 

    The system adopts intelligent and modular design, which integrates lithium battery energy storage system, solar power generation system and home energy management system. With intelligent parallel/or off-grid design, users can conduct remote monitoring through mobile APP and know the operating status of the system at any time. The system is flexible and efficient, and can be expanded flexibly according to needs. Convenient installation operation and maintenance, plug and play, to provide users with an independent, economic, clean energy system.