Distributed micro grid energy storage outdoor cabinet

  • Advanced lithium iron phosphate battery and product manufacturing technology 

  • Standard liquid cooling box, efficient liquid cooling technology, convenient installation and maintenance 

  • The outdoor cabinet design covers a small area, the transfer installation is flexible 

  • To meet the grid-connected and off-grid dual-mode applications 

  • The system is self-powered, which can meet the application requirements of non-electric/weak electric areas 

  • Intelligent fire control system, active and passive temperature control & detection system 

  • Real-time monitoring status, accurate acquisition and transmission of data, multi-layer electrical protection, the system is safer and more reliable


  • Application

    Distributed energy storage microgrid can be widely used in urban parks, buildings, communities, islands, remote areas without electricity and other application scenarios. The system is close to the user side and is connected to the low-voltage distribution network in the form of scattered multi-point distribution. To provide users with high reliability, high power quality, low cost of green energy, with independent and gridconnected two operating modes. As a user-oriented terminal system, it will be the key link of the future energy Internet.