Normal container energy storage system

  • Advanced lithium iron phosphate battery and product manufacturing technology 

  • Intelligent temperature control system, not affected by external environment 

  • The cabin has a advanced thermal management system to maintain temperature balance 

  • Modular design, reasonable layout, convenient maintenance 

  • Automatic security system, full immersion mode, safe and reliable, fast response 

  • Standard containers are easy to load and unload, transport and install 

  • Intelligent man-machine interface, simple operation 

  • Standardized interface, convenient connection, reliable and fast 

  • Certification: UL1973, UL9540, UL9540A, GB/T36276, IEC62619,etc.


  • American PJM FM project

    Gotion deployed two lithium iron phosphate (LEP) battery storage projects with a total capacity of 72Mw/72MWh in Illinois and West Virginia to provide frequency regulation services to grid operator PJM Interconnection,Inc.

  • Zhenjiang Changwang EnergyStorage Project ofState Grid-thefirst batch of energy storage projects. of State Grid.

    Changwang energy storage with capacity of 8MW/16MWhis composed of 8 storage battery silos and 8 PCS converter booster integrated silos.The project was put into operation at the end of June 2018,and Gotion provides a full set of battery solutions.

  • Zhangjiagang Yonggang project

    The project is configured with an energy storage capacity of 5MW/20MWh,aiming to reduce peak load and effectively increase user demand cost through the application of energy storage equipment.

  • HUANENG Wind Power Storage Project

    Xiaojian and Xuyong wind farms in Mengcheng County have completed wind power stations with a total installed capacity of 200MW.On August 27.2020,HUANENG Mengcheng Wind Power 40MW/40MWh energy storage project passed the grid-connection acceptance organized by State Grid Anhui Electric Power Co.,Ltd.,and was put into operation smoothly.The energy storage project is allocated according to 20% of the installed wind power capacity.

  • ShangnengZhangjiakou Wind-Solar. Energy Storage Project

    In February 2021the multi-energy complementary integration demonstration project of Zhangiakou"Olympic Scenic City” which was participated in by Gotion high-tech wassuccessfully connected to the network and put into operationThe energy storage scale is 10MW/10MWhand it matches the multi- energy complementary clean energy of photovoltaic and wind power, which is conducive to increasing the proportion oflocal cean energy supplypromoting clean energy production and nearby consumption,and boosting green development.