"One More Excellence" - Another Gotion Test Center Certificated by Volkswagen Group

2024-06-03 13:52:58 Gotion Viewd 287
On May 30th, the Weiwu Road Laboratory of Gotion Test and Validation Center successfully secured the certification as a battery cell testing laboratory by the Volkswagen Group. This is the second Volkswagen laboratory certification acquired by Gotion, following the initial unified battery cell laboratory certification in 2023. It signifies that Gotion has become the first battery supplier to possess two Volkswagen-certified testing centers simultaneously in China, demonstrating its leading global position in technological strength and quality management.


Volkswagen Group's testing and validation process has always adhered strictly to the most rigorous international safety and performance standards, renowned for its innovative testing methods and high standards. The official certification of Gotion Weiwu Road Laboratory as a Volkswagen Group battery cell testing laboratory will provide comprehensive testing resources and R&D support for Volkswagen's standard battery cells and its brand-new system battery cells. This will further promote the deep integration of both parties in battery cell R&D and manufacturing, accelerating technological iteration and innovation. Currently, the relevant testing validations are being conducted in full force, which will provide high-quality guarantee for the smooth loading and delivery of the subsequent standard battery cells, and ensure that each mass-produced product will undergo rigorous testing, meeting the highest standards and completing the EOL test before being launched into the market.


Since the strategic partnership between Volkswagen (China) and Gotion in 2020, the cooperation between the two sides has continued to be implemented. At present, Gotion has obtained the designated qualification of supplying Volkswagen unified cells to domestic and overseas markets. The unified cells factory located in Hefei Xinzhan District has been put into operation in October last year, which has been praised and affirmed by the senior-level executives of Volkswagen Group.


Dr. Uwe Westerhoff, Head of Battery Test center certification, Volkswagen Group, said: "Gotion has proven that they have the power and the speed to construct a complete new Test center in a very short time. With these words I want to express that Gotion has once again shown that they are able to deliver valid test results for the VW group's future projects."


Mr. Eduardo Bento, Head of Battery Testing and Quality, VCTC, said: "At Volkswagen, we pursue the ultimate excellence in all aspects, and strictly require our partners to take this as the standard. The passing of this audit not only shows that Gotion Weiwu Road Laboratory meets the standards of our joint commitment, but also shows the potential of Gotion team for sustainable development."


With the passing of this certification, the cooperation between the two sides will be further deepened to bring safer, more efficient and more environmentally friendly new energy products to global users, and jointly promote the global energy transition and the realization of sustainable development goals.