New Breakthrough in European-African Operations: Gotion High-Tech and Spain's Phi4Tech Establish Comprehensive Collaboration

2024-06-03 13:43:08 Gotion Viewd 396

Recently, Gotion High-Tech signed a cooperation agreement with Spain’s Phi4Tech Technology Group and Unicorn RE Investment Group at the Bright Summit Peak of Huangshan. The three parties will explore new models of cooperation in Spain, focusing on energy storage and new material development. This marks another step forward in Gotion High-Tech's goal of "becoming a global leader in green energy solutions."

According to the agreement, Gotion High-Tech will engage in comprehensive cooperation with its partners in the European energy sector, covering everything from new materials to final energy solutions. The company plans to establish energy storage stations in Spain in the coming years. This collaboration not only opens new growth opportunities for Gotion High-Tech's European-African division in the energy storage market but also creates new prospects for the development of the new energy industry chain in Southern Europe.

Antonio Román, Chairman of Spain’s Phi4Tech Technology Group, stated, “This cooperation will greatly enhance our technological level and market competitiveness. We look forward to in-depth collaboration with Gotion High-Tech in broader areas, adopting unconventional thinking to tackle future challenges and jointly promote the development of new energy technologies.”

Julio Montesinos Ruiz, Executive President of Unicorn RE Investment Group Europe, said, “We will leverage our resources in the UAE and Europe to provide diversified support for this cooperation, helping both parties to establish a stable foothold in Spain's new energy sector and achieve their respective globalization strategies.”

Li Zhen, Chairman of Gotion High-Tech, remarked, “The collaboration in energy storage and new energy materials will contribute positively to Europe's energy transition. This is a beneficial exploration of cooperation between Chinese and European companies in facing future energy transformations.” The signing ceremony was attended and witnessed by Joaquín Abril Martorell, President of Spain’s Phi4Tech Technology Group; Juan Bentwavente Blanco, Chief Technology Officer; Andrés Seco, CEO of the Energy Storage Project Company; Barry O'Neill, CEO of WELINK Company; Julio Montesinos Ruiz, Executive President of Unicorn RE Investment Group Europe; Songbo Di, President of Unicorn RE Investment Group China Business; Steven Cai, President of Gotion High-Tech's European-African Business; and Chen Li, President of Gotion High-Tech's American Business.

About Spain’s Phi4Tech Technology Group:

Phi4Tech is an energy technology group with business operations spanning from raw material extraction to storage projects and material design. The group owns Europe’s second-largest lithium mine and only nickel mine and is the initiator of the largest storage and environmentally friendly capacitor plant project in Southern Europe.

About Unicorn RE Investment Group:

Unicorn RE Investment Group is the international mergers and acquisitions unit of the UAE Royal Unicorn Capital Holding Group, whose major shareholders are members of the Abu Dhabi Royal Family. The company focuses on serving transnational investments between Chinese and European enterprises.