Global Tier 1! Gotion High-tech is Recognized in Bloomberg's Energy Storage Manufacturer Tier 1 List

2024-01-19 09:42:01 Gotion Viewd 1508

Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) recently released the BNEF Energy Storage Manufacturer Tier 1 List 1Q 2024, in which 25 global energy storage manufacturers, including Gotion High-tech, were selected. It is understood that the shortlist is based on a rigorous selection of hundreds of energy storage brands in BNEF's energy storage project database, and the relevant companies must have provided reliable products, stable supplies and exceptional project performance for six different qualified projects over the past two years. In the end, 25 global companies were selected.

Gotion High-tech has an early layout in energy storage business with advanced technologies. The products developed by Gotion mainly include centralized battery modules and clusters, standard container energy storage systems, industrial and commercial energy storage systems and home energy storage systems. Aiming at the core demand of energy storage market, Gotion's 330AH large energy storage cell in its third-generation cells features "high safety, long life, high efficiency and intelligence". Gotion is working closely with a number of clients on related projects. In September 2023, Gotion High-tech was issued with the CSA certification again, getting an access to the North American market for its related energy storage products. In addition, the relevant energy storage certifications obtained earlier in Europe and Japan indicate that Gotion High-tech's energy storage products (battery cells, battery boxes, battery clusters, battery compartments, BMS, etc.) meet the existing international safety standards, with leading technical capability in the world.

In recent years, the Company has made great efforts to expand the energy storage market, and achieved remarkable results. Gotion has established strategic cooperative partnership with many companies and organizations at home and abroad, including Invenergy, Jinko, Sumec, Borrego, Edison Power, PodPoint, Anhui Energy, Jiangxi Energy and China Three Gorges Corporation, with projects located in more than ten countries, including China, the United States, Japan, India, Singapore, Indonesia, Germany, the United Kingdom, France and Netherlands. In 2023, the Company had its six major energy storage projects connected to the grid, among which the 20MW/200MWh project in Lujiang, Anhui Province, became one of the largest user-side energy storage projects in Anhui Province and was awarded as the low-carbon scenario application demonstration project of Anhui Province; The Nanjing 25.6MW/202.8MWh project has become one of the largest user-side energy storage projects in Jiangsu Province. In March 2023, the Company entered into a partnership with Edison Power of Japan to bring in a photovoltaic storage project in Miyakojima, with a total of 10 MWh to be delivered in the first year; In November, the Company entered into a cooperation agreement with Pacific Green Technologies (PGT) for the supply of 450 MWh energy storage system products for the phase II of its Sheaf battery energy storage project in the UK. After the construction of the energy park where it is located is completed, it will become one of the largest single battery energy storage projects in the UK. In the first half of 2023, the energy storage revenue reached RMB4.147 billion, up 224.33% year-on-year, representing 27.21% of revenue. By virtue of its leading energy storage technology and business capability, Gotion High-tech has been awarded the "Excellent Energy Storage Battery Brand of the Year", "Top 10 Energy Storage Battery Suppliers", "2023 Energy Storage Enterprise Pioneer Award", "Energy Storage Industry Pioneer of the Year" and other honorary titles by many industry organizations. Gotion High-tech is recognized in the list of the global Tier 1 energy storage manufacturers, which indicates that the technical strength and market development of the Company's energy storage operations have been further recognized by international authoritative organizations.

BNEF is a research institution dedicated to the new energy industry under Bloomberg, the world's top financial media, and is one of the most credible third-party research institutions in the global new energy market. Its independently developed supplier rating system is recognized in the industry as a fair, objective and highly reliable system.