Mr. WU Yibing

2022-07-22 16:18:09 Gotion Viewd 91
Mr. WU Yibing, is a Supervisor of our Company. Currently, he is also chairman of the labor union of Hefei Gotion High-Tech Power Energy Co., Ltd. (合肥国轩高科动力能源有限公司). Previously, Mr. Wu served as administrative director and manager of the general department of Gotion New Energy (Lujiang) Co., Ltd. (国轩新能源(庐江)有限公司), manager of the general department of Hefei Gotion Battery Materials Co., Ltd. (合肥国轩电池材料有限公司), deputy general manager of Hefei Gotion High Tech Power Energy Co., Ltd. (合肥国轩高科动力能源有限公司), and head of the thermochemistry research office of the Hefei Metrology and Testing Institute (合肥市计量测算研究院). He holds a master’s degree.