Mr. WANG Feng

2022-07-22 16:16:14 Gotion Viewd 94
Mr. WANG Feng, is an independent Director of our Company. Currently, he is also chief financial officer of Lightning Express Software (Beijing) Co., Ltd. (闪电快车软件(北京)有限公司). Previously, Mr. Wang served as chief financial officer of Reese Education Cayman Limited (瑞思教育开曼有限公司), Tujia Network Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. (途家网网络技术(北京)有限公司), Beijing Shenyan Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. (北京深演智能科技股份有限公司) and Henan Zhongpin Food Co., Ltd. (河南众品食业股份有限公司). He holds an MBA from China Europe International Business School in the PRC and a bachelor’s degree from Beijing University of Technology, and he is also a Certificated Public Accountant (CPA).