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The Whistleblower System

Gotion has established a functional whistleblower system, which is open to employees, business partners, customers and other third parties to collect and handle the violations and build up the firewall of compliance for the company.

The whistleblower system pays special attention to the protection of whistleblower’s personal information. In the meantime, the system protects the legal rights and interests of the whistleblower and the implicated personnel to the greatest extent.

To guarantee the effective handling of the reported hints, please provide the description of the incident in detail and all related supporting evidence materials, as well as other relevant information which is helpful to the investigation. Gotion Whistleblower System does not handle irrelevant information such as product after-sales complaints or general business process consultation, and strictly prohibits the abuse of the system by making false accusations. If the false accusation is verified, the whistleblower will be issued with corresponding internal disciplinary sanctions (Gotion employees only), and in serious cases, will undertake legal liability.


The Whistleblower System Contacts