Targeted Poverty Alleviation: Feidong Party Branch of Management Board Visits Poor Students

2020-08-26 11:25:12 Gotion Viewd 1935

To implement the Party Committee of the Company's arrangement of targeted poverty alleviation made in 2020, six members of the Party Branch of the management board went to Xiangdao Town, Feidong County on August 26 to visit the households receiving paired poverty alleviation. This is the first stop of a series of targeted poverty alleviation work of various branches of the Party Committee of the Company.


The poverty alleviation team first visited Wang Xianxin's home in the Zhouxi Group of Jiangci Community. Wang Xianxin is 70 years old and after his son and daughter-in-law divorced, they both left the household for work. Therefore, he has to take care of his nine-year-old granddaughter Jiajia alone. When the poverty alleviation team came, the little girl was doing her homework on a bench by the door. At the time of the visit, Jiajia was just about to start third grade. Wang Xianxin told the poverty alleviation team that Jiajia had not seen her mother since her birth. In March 2020, her grandma died of illness, making the livelihood of the poor family even worse. Her father has left the house and works as a migrant worker all year round to make money for the family. Fortunately, little Jiajia has grown into a clever and hardworking girl. She was lost for word when the poverty alleviation team first handed over the supplies they had brought her before she finally accepted it under her grandpa's encouragement.


Little Jiajia, the granddaughter of Wang Xianxin from the Zhouxi Group of the Jiangci Community, doing her homework


Subsequently, the poverty alleviation team went to the Liuqiao Group of Songsheng Village to visit Xiaojun and Xiaohui, brother and sister from a single-parent family. The two little children came to the Village Committee Office together with their grandmother. According to their grandma, the two little children had not seen their mother since birth either. Their father has left home to work as a migrant worker all year round and they have always been looked after by their grandparents. Their grandma always tells them that they cannot afford to eat meat so often due to poverty, which Xiaojun often reiterates to his sister. Their grandma said that her grandchildren are sensible and understand their difficult living conditions. "Supported by sound policies and cared for by so many people, I do not worry too much about the children, though their life may be a little tougher than it is for normal children." Their grandma assured everyone in the poverty alleviation team that they will do everything to make sure the two children have healthy growth and support them in their school studies.


The poverty alleviation team inquiring about the living conditions of Xiaojun and Xiaohui in the Liuqiao Group of Songsheng Village


On the morning of the same day, the poverty alleviation team also visited the other three families in Songsheng Village and Jiangci Community. They were mainly households who had fallen back into poverty due to illness. However, the children of these families are always sensible and hardworking, but in urgent need of long-term targeted support. After the on-site investigations, the poverty alleviation team plans to visit poor students, one after another, before the end of the year, according to the unified arrangement of the Company's Party Committee and the reality of each poor family, to provide them with material and spiritual support. The families visited were briefly described as follows:


1. Householder: Jiang Keping (first from the right), who was diagnosed with stage 5 chronic kidney disease at the First Affiliated Hospital of Anhui Medical University in 2006 and has been on maintenance hemodialysis three times a week ever since. His daughter is in her senior year of high school, and the family mainly receives income from subsistence allowance and agriculture.


The poverty alleviation team visiting Jiang Keping's (first from the right) family


2. Householder’ wife: Lan Yuanxia (second from the right, wearing a headscarf), who is suffering from leukemia. The family has treatment costs of about RMB 120,000 and Lan Yuanxia is still under treatment. Her two children, Xiaolan and Xiaoneng (first from the right), are both studying at school, and the family mainly receives its income from subsistence allowance and agriculture, with family education accounting for a large proportion of their expenses.


The poverty alleviation team visiting Lan Yuanxia's (second from the right, wearing a headscarf) family


3. Householder: Song Yehao, who is suffering from uremia and has to undergo weekly dialysis. In 2018, his second daughter, Xiaonan, was admitted to Feidong No. 1 Middle School with an excellent score of more than 700. She will now enter the most intense stage of her senior high school studies. The second person from the right in the photo is Song Yehao's partner. (Text/Yang Xiaoyan)


The poverty alleviation team visiting Song Yehao's family