Gotion High-Tech Donates RMB 10 Million to Support Henan

2021-07-23 11:21:39 Gotion Viewd 1887

Recently, Henan Province has suffered from rare torrential rains causing great damage. On July 23, Gotion High-Tech donated RMB 10 million to support Henan and help the local people get through these tough times.


As a growing new energy enterprise, Gotion High-Tech is dedicated to the mission of serving the people with green energy, while striving to provide high-quality products and actively shoulder our social responsibility. To better support Henan to recover from these extreme weather events, half of the donation was directly sent to the Red Cross Society of China Zhengzhou Branch through Anhui Gotion Charity Foundation for fighting flooding and disaster relief. The remaining RMB 5 million will be used to provide free repair and replacement for the local new energy vehicles driven by Gotion batteries.