Gotion High-tech and CATARC (Europe) Initiate Battery Technology Collaboration

2024-04-27 20:42:01 Gotion Viewd 216

On 25th April, Gotion High-tech signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in Munich, Germany with CATARC Europe Testing and Certification GmbH [CATARC (Europe) for short], which will jointly work to strengthen the cooperation in the field of battery testing, certification and  recycling in Europe.

Hao Guanqi, Deputy General Manager of CATARC (Europe), and Duan Wei, Vice President of Gotion High-tech's Europe-Africa business signed the agreement on behalf of both parties, witnessed by Ms Lu Mei, General Manager of CATARC.

According to the MOU, the two parties will co-operate in the field of battery testing and certification to improve the quality and safety standards of battery products; co-operate in the field of industry standards and regulations to promote technological innovation and sustainable industry growth; carry out joint market research to expand the market presence and adoption of Gotion’s lithium batteries.; explore environmentally friendly practices and technologies for the life cycle management of lithium batteries, including recycling and reuse strategies in order to achieve sustainable use of resources; organize joint seminars, workshops and training programs to foster talent development and facilitate knowledge exchange within the industry.

Hao Guanqi said:‘Gotion High-tech is a global leading new energy solution provider. The cooperation will take full advantage of Gotion High-tech's leading position in the field of battery technology and CATARC Europe's rich experience in testing and certification to achieve a strong combination. We look forward to injecting new vitality into the development of European battery technology by both sides in the future.’

Duan Wei said, ‘CATARC is a leading technology platform in the world. Gotion High-tech, as a technology-driven enterprise, has always been committed to promoting the technological development of the industry over the years. We hope that through this cooperation, both parties can jointly contribute to the sustainable development of the electric vehicle industry and the construction of a clean and green future travel ecosystem.’

CATARC (Europe) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Automotive Technology & Research Center Co., Ltd. It is committed to providing European localization services for Chinese and European enterprises in the fields of automotive technology research, development, testing, evaluation and certification. It plays an important role in promoting the more active integration of China's automotive industry into the global system.