InoBat executives visit Gotion High-tech and discuss cooperation projects

2023-03-28 11:22:11 Gotion Viewd 1674

On March 27th, Marian Bocek, Founder and CEO of InoBat, and Tara Lindstedt, Board Member and Chief Development Officer of InoBat, visited Gotion High-tech. They were accompanied by Steven Cai, President of the General Research Institute of Gotion High-tech and Peter Willemsen, COO of Gotion Global. Previously, Gotion had signed a MoU with InoBat to explore Joint Venture opportunities in revolutionizing EV battery and energy storage technologiesincluding co-development of a gigafactory with cell and pack production capacity of 40 GWh.

During the seminar, both sides discussed the details of the previously agreed cooperation. Both sides were full of expectations for the upcoming cooperation.